Arriving at the T.O.C.

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Arriving at the T.O.C. Empty Arriving at the T.O.C.

Post  kAotiker on Sat 21 Feb 2009, 7:56 pm

This little rp-segment is written in thrid-person perspective.

kAotiker,pretty sleepy with swollen eyes,his long blonde hair wildly surrounding his pale face, slowly steps out of the airport, raises an arm and yells for a cab.

"Finally I have arrived-so this is the U.S." he thought,hardly recognizing the pouring rain.
It was just four days ago when he recieved and E-Mail from the General Manager of the T.O.C., offering him a contract in the T.O.C.-his first engagement in the U.S. ever.kAotiker felt sick and tired of Japan at that point-there was nothing more to learn for him over there,so he accepted the contract.
Canada,then Mexico,then Japan.It has been some three hard,long years of training and studying,refining and fine-tuning his own wrestling abilities to become what he believes the best technical wrestler ever to walk the face of this earth.Those long training sessions with his father,Kurt"The German Giant"Hansen, seem to be an eternity ago.God, he hated this gym in the basement,he still does.There were times when he believed he had to die in those ruthless submission holds his father put him in.But that one fatal day kAotiker turned the whole thing around,put his dad into a Scorpion Death Lock...and went too far..he broke both of his fathers legs!

A taxi stops in front of him-he enters,still sunken deep into his thoughts:"Am I really trying to improve myself? Or am I just running from my guilt?"

"Where u wanna go,pal?",the Taxi driver asks,sounding quite bored.
kAotiker replies"T.O.C.-Arena...gotta kick some butt tonight!"

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