Cruiserweight Tag Team Title

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Cruiserweight Tag Team Title

Post  "The Game" Triple H on Sat 18 Apr 2009, 1:14 pm

AJ Styles and "The Game" Triple H are seen talking backstage

"The Game" Triple H: Dude!! When are we going to get this title shot?

A.J. Styles: I don't know but when ever we do, we're going to dominate no matter who it is, when it is, or where it is.

"The Game" Triple H: Damn right AJ. We have done everything in our power to get a shot at them. I want to try to get it tonight to!!

A.J. Styles: But the bad part is that nobody has ever seen us in a tag team match and if we do get a shot, this is going to be our first tag team match in T.O.C

"The Game" Triple H: I'm getting tired of this. We need a match, and we need it NOW!

A knock is heard at the door and a voice saying "I can help you."

A.J. Styles: Come in!!

kAotiker enters the locker room

kAotiker: Yall want a match tonight?

A.J. Styles:Sure do!

kAotiker: Would yall care for a tag team title shot for the Cruiserweight Tag Team Titles?

"The Game" Triple H: Well..Cruiserweight isn't my thing and...

A.J. Styles: Sure!!Sure!! Will take that oppurtuity.

kAotiker: Ok. The Match is set.

A.J. Styles: Before you go!

kAotiker: Yea?

A.J. Styles: Who's are opponets going to be?

kAotiker: Kurt the Pain and Furio

A.J. Styles: Thanks yo! See you later.

kAotiker leaves the room.

"The Game" Triple H: What did you do that for?

A.J. Styles: What?

"The Game" Triple H: You stopped me when I was talking

A.J. Styles: You were about to ruin a perfect title shot.

"The Game" Triple H: And?

A.J. Styles: Don't you want a title shot?

"The Game" Triple H: Yea!!

A.J. Styles: So we got what we wanted and you were about to mess it up. Just get ready for the match.

"The Game" Triple H: Ok.

"The Game" Triple H puts on his old PTW Shirt he had back in his old federation.

A.J. Styles: Why you wearing that?

"The Game" Triple H: I just wanted to try it on. Lets Go!!

"The Game" Triple H

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Re: Cruiserweight Tag Team Title

Post  Hollywood Jones on Sat 18 Apr 2009, 4:03 pm

the PTW mention amde it better lol, it was a very good rp
Hollywood Jones
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