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Post  Illegal on Fri 15 May 2009, 8:04 pm

And onto the rules:

Main Rules

- NO Recruting in either of the TWO Chat Channels.
- NO Contract talk in chat, or the forum.
- NO Recruiting wrestlers who are under contract to another Roster.
- Only the GM's may recruit, if VGM's or members of the roster are recruiting for the roster, warnings will be issued to the GM.

To Create A Show

- New GM's (First Season): You must have atleast 30 wrestlers signed to your roster.
- Older GM's (Second Season +): You must have atleast 40 wrestlers signed to your roster.

Show Content

- WWE Content: Images and Videos of ANY WWE personal currently under contract is not allowed. Any Image or Video of former WWE Contracted people are not allowed if the Image/Video is in a WWE environment, or contains the WWE/WWF/WCW/ECW logo.
- Images: No abusive, pornographic, religous images allowed. NO Stealing from other shows.
- Videos: No abusive, pornographic, religous images allowed.
- Text: Try to keep all text respectful, no cuss words, or references to Religon, world affairs, politics etc.
- Wrestlers: You can only insert Wrestlers under contract to your roster in your shows. No others.
- All shows must be written in English.

GM Behaviour

- As a GM you are a member of TWG Staff, with this you are expected to uphold TWG rules more so than others.
- Your behaviour towards others, be it in Chat, TWG Forum, PM's or even your Roster Forum, will be monitored.
- A Chat Ban in 99% of cases will mean you will also be removed as a GM.

Other Rules

- The General Manager must be signed to his/her roster, given they can be signed at all (Level 5 or Level 4 Supporter).

Remember, GM's take responsibility for the actions of his/her roster. Warnings will be issued for rules broken, 3 Warnings and you will be removed as a GM.

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