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Lets Get Stuff Straight Empty Lets Get Stuff Straight

Post  "The Game" Triple H on Tue 19 May 2009, 9:02 pm

Lets get some stuff straight real quick. There has been a lot of disrespect going around and it needs to stop. You might not respect some superstars around here but just pretend or don't even say a word to them. Now, if you got a problem about a person, pm a VGM or GM. Also, RPs are a BIG thing around here. When you want to start one with another person, check with them if its ok and make sure you know what kind of character they are. Face or Heel. Some of you don't even know what it means and just try to play it off so here is what it means, Face=Clean. Heel=Dirty. Make sure yall know who is doing the RP and pm the person you're doing it with BEFORE posting it or sending it to a VGM/GM. Make sure you check the spelling before doing all that because I have made that mistake also. REMEMBER, You can either bring this federation down, or you can help it get better. Thats all I THINK that needs to be straighten out. If there is anything else, just reply to it. Thanks!!!
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Post  Road Warrior on Thu 28 May 2009, 9:49 pm

I've posted similar stuff so I know what ur saying and probably the same guy
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