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Wadup all! Empty Wadup all!

Post  AhDammmy! on Sat 23 May 2009, 3:08 am

Hey all wadup with yah! ur probably wondering who i am and what i'm doing here,well i am a friend of ThugNelly's thats going to be helping him with the forums and stuff ,and would like to introduce myself to u all! I enjoy wrestling for the most part, a fan of the older and original stuff.......the site looks good,even though the music is cranking when u join the web page(Scarys the poo out of me at times ha!) But looks good and smooth. Well i will probably be seening a few of u around so dont be shy,i'm also into computer hardware crap too,so if u got any question about that stuff let me know. Till then take care.(Oh and GJ CAVS!) Basketball


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