Level 9 Tournament on TWG

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Level 9 Tournament on TWG Empty Level 9 Tournament on TWG

Post  "The Game" Triple H on Sat 06 Jun 2009, 1:57 pm

There is a tournament on TWG for all Level 9 superstars. Me and AJ have already joined. It costs 1000 fantaeuros . So if you're interested, please join. Only 3 slots left so join quick as possible. We want a TOC Superstar to win it. Its called Ultimate Detonation and the creator is DeTonator. Plz join and represent TOC.

Also, with the new chatbox, I've used chatboxes like those before sooo, If you need any help and nobody is online, feel free to ask me or anybody else that you know that could help you. Thanks!
Level 9 Tournament on TWG 41-49
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