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gm rule for all to know Empty gm rule for all to know

Post  Illegal on Thu 06 Aug 2009, 4:31 pm

A new season is upon us. Apparently things are a little rocky on the admin side of things as a few things we expected to get done, weren't. If you were previously informed that your fed was to be dissolved this season, and it hasn't yet, I would bet it won't be. Go ahead and make your shows as normal, for now.

To all the new GMs, there's a few things you need to do. 1st, PM me your TWG forum account name so you can be added to the GM group and get a pretty blue color, access to the GM forum, and permssions to post topics in the fed recruiting section. Once you've done that, and been added, check out the rules (They'll be posted here too, at the end of the message):

And you may want to check out the GM tutorial guide that exlains most of your GM panel, and gives you some resources for recruiting and setting up a forum:

As always, good luck this season, and we hope your shows are as good as you want them to be. If there are any problems along the way, feel free to PM me and I'll do my best to take care of your problems, or if I can't, I'll find someone who can!


Main Rules

- NO Recruting in either of the TWO Chat Channels.
- NO Contract talk in chat, or the forum.
- NO Recruiting wrestlers who are under contract to another Roster.
- Only the GM's may recruit, if VGM's or members of the roster are recruiting for the roster, warnings will be issued to the GM.

To Create A Show

- New GM's (First Season): You must have atleast 30 wrestlers signed to your roster.
- Older GM's (Second Season +): You must have atleast 40 wrestlers signed to your roster.

Show Content

- WWE Content: Images and Videos of ANY WWE personal currently under contract is not allowed. Any Image or Video of former WWE Contracted people are not allowed if the Image/Video is in a WWE environment, or contains the WWE/WWF/WCW/ECW logo.
- Images: No abusive, pornographic, religous images allowed.
- Videos: No abusive, pornographic, religous images allowed.
- Text: Try to keep all text respectful, no cuss words, or references to Religon, world affairs, politics etc.
- Wrestlers: You can only insert Wrestlers under contract to your roster in your shows. No others.
- All shows must be written in English.

GM Behaviour

- As a GM you are a member of TWG Staff, with this you are expected to uphold TWG rules more so than others.
- Your behaviour towards others, be it in Chat, TWG Forum, PM's or even your Roster Forum, will be monitored.
- A Chat Ban in 99% of cases will mean you will also be removed as a GM.

Other Rules

- The General Manager must be signed to his/her roster, given they can be signed at all (Level 5 or Level 4 Supporter).

Remember, GM's take responsibility for the actions of his/her roster. Warnings will be issued for rules broken, 3 Warnings and you will be removed as a GM.

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