What is a babyface? part 3

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What is a babyface? part 3 Empty What is a babyface? part 3

Post  Illegal on Fri 20 Feb 2009, 7:01 pm

For the divas out there

Naturally, girls are going to have different characters out there, so for them it's going to be a little harder.

Now, it's a little easier in Angle e-feds to seperate heel women from face women. The typical babyface is attractive, a good worker, athletic, and enjoys being in the limelight. The typical heel is usually either a psycho, way too prima donna, or a slut, to put it bluntly. But as a roleplayer, it's slightly harder to portray it correctly. You have to make sure as an attractive female that you don't overstep your arrogance. You also can't get bitchy, otherwise things may swing in the wrong direction for you. being in every guys business won't help either.

The best ways to get over as a woman are to either play the typical strong-willed woman who is slightly tomboyish and wants to overcome the odds (UNDERDOG!!!!), or to always get one over on the guys. Do NOT play the sexism card unless you are in a dominantly female e-fed, because the majority of guys who read it will feel a state of masculine pride and may turn you heel (at least in my opinion, anyway).

Do some research

It was touched upon in the "Heels for dummies" column, but it's absolutely true. Research. Look at a number of WWE/F videos and notice how their biggest faces and heels get their heat. Pick up on at which moves the fans make noise, and conversely, get bored. Even though being yourself is good, adding a hint of one of your favorite workers is a great move too, because it's a proven commodity, and as they are in the professional business for real, their influence can help you tremendously.

Also take a look at stereotypes (as suggested also). I know people go on about how stereotypes need to die in wrestling, but they haven't, and won't, so embrace it. If your fed is holding a show in Chicago, have your character big up the Bulls. If your character is mexican, have your heel character take shots at him, and then bounce back with stuff directed at him (without insulting the audience at the same time).

And most of all...

Have a laugh doing it. If it isn't fun, it isn't worth doing, so have fun, and go mad with those creative juices. It'll be worth it at the end.

Thanks for reading,

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