kAotiker vs Bone Crusher 1 at the PPV

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kAotiker vs Bone Crusher 1 at the PPV Empty kAotiker vs Bone Crusher 1 at the PPV

Post  kAotiker on Wed 25 Feb 2009, 10:20 pm

-Camera fades in,the interviewer can be seen standing in the VIP-Parking Lot of the T.O.C. Arena

Interviewer:"We just got the word that kAotiker,one of the fresh youngsters of this season,is making his way to the arena to claim a match in this PPV.There is little confidence that he will succeed since he is not even on tonight`s match card"

-A black Porsche comes rushing into the parking lot and stops with squealing tires.kAotiker steps out of the car,already wearing his wrestling attire-there is sheer determination upon his face.

Interviewer:"kAotiker,can I have a word with you? Everybody in this arena as well as the millions at home know that you are not on the match-card tonight,so...what are you doing here?"

kAotiker pushes the Interviewer aside."What am I doing here?How dare you ask me that you little..."-He takes a deep breath-"I came to the T.O.C. to show the whole world my superb technical wrestling abilities and wanted to deliver a fight the world has never seen before...and what do I get?Nothing,no recognition from the GM of this show,no respect from anyone around here.I will put this to an end-right here,tonight!"

Interviewer:"But...but what are you goin to do?You can`t storm the GM`s office and beat a place on the match-card out of him,can you?"

kAotiker rushes off heading for the stairway,shouting:"Don`t tell me what I can and cannot do!"

kAotiker reaches the stairway door and opens it...Bone Crusher1 is standing in the doorway,blocking kAotiker`s way.

Bone Crusher1:"Stop that freakshow right now.Everbody on the roster knows the simple truth of this business-when you`re good enough-you get booked!So it seems you were measured and found not worthy of this PPV!"

kAotiker:"Shut you mouth or I will shove your arrogance right down your throat,you lame excuse for a wrestler!"

Bone Crusher 1 clenches his fists,the cracking of the joints can be heard:"Pretty big mouth,huh?Ok hotshot...put your money where your mouth is.The GM gave me the choice who I want to wrestle tonight-and it seems that you are the lucky winner!Get ready to be crushed in the ring tonight!"

kAotiker puts a mean grin upon his face:"Man,when I`m done with you,it won`t be your finger`s joints you`ll hear cracking!"

Camera pans back to the Interviewer

Interviewer:"Well it seems kAotiker got what he wanted after all.It`s shurely going to be a great match and I can`t wait to see those great athletes go at each other!"

-Camera fades to black-

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