kAotiker/...John Cena... feud-"It`s all about the music!"

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kAotiker/...John Cena... feud-"It`s all about the music!" Empty kAotiker/...John Cena... feud-"It`s all about the music!"

Post  kAotiker on Mon 02 Mar 2009, 6:06 pm

-Camera fades in-

kAotiker comes rushing into the Locker Room,he is quite late for tonight´s match.As he openes the door he takes a step back,a disgusted expression upon his face-Rap music is booming out of the I-Pod docking station standing on a table in one corner of the Locker Room.Next to it stands ...John Cena...,already wearing his ring attire.

kAotiker slams the door,shouting:"Hey man,cut that crap,you want my ears to bleed?"

...John Cena... makes a gesture with his hands,signalizing"I can`t hear you"

kAotiker approaches ...John Cena... with a grim expression upon his face.

kAotiker:"I told you to cut that gangsta crap,how am I supposed to get ready for my match listening to this garbage?"

...John Cena... keeps cool"Yo man,you can turn it down any time you want."

kAotiker rips the I-Pod out of the docking station and throws it against the wall with full force-a shattering sound can be heard.

...John Cena...pushes kAotiker:"Yo man,you crazy?Wanna get your butt kicked?If it was up to you the whole roster would have to listen to that Heavy Metal nonsense you call music!"

kAotiker:"You`re damn right-and the whole roster would love every second of it!".kAotiker pushes ...John Cena...back.

...John Cena...:"Oh yeah?Why don`t we settle this in the ring tonight?Loser gets to announce in front of the crowd and the millions watching at home that his kinda music sucks!"

kAotiker:"You`re on,gangster wannabe!And I tell you-you`ve bitten off more than you can chew!"

-Fade to black-

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